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Brook grew up on the prairies and is grateful to have had garden vegetables and 12 grain bread in the house all the time while growing up.  She spent many years cooking and learning about food and developed a great interest in the body and how it works.  She completed her bachelors degree at the University of Guelph in Brain and Cognition and knew her studies were not over.  After travelling for nine months she settled in the Okanagan to complete the program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  She loves exploring body systems and using food as medicine to create balance in the body and promote optimal health.  As a Holistic Practitioner, she addresses eating behaviours, physical activity and lifestyle factors as well as food of course.  

Brook provides a variety of services to make eating healthy easy and enjoyable.  She offers one-on-one consultations and coaching, meal planning, grocery store tours and a kitchen clean out to help you eliminate all of the temping foods that are not serving your health.  She is determined to improve digestion, cognition, energy levels or hormone balance in her clients, or any other imbalances they may have.  She believes in preparing foods like our ancestors did and buying local which is why you can find her at farmers markets, in the garden or exploring the beautiful trails of BC on the weekends.  You can also check out her website here for recipes and educational posts on natural beauty products, food items or anything wellness.



Reach your nutrition goals, manage digestive distress, increase energy, lose weight, improve immunity and longevity, regulate blood sugar or inflammation and more with meal planning, dietary guidelines and lifestyle recommendations.  Appointments can be done in person or over the phone/ FaceTime.

Initial Consultations (30 mins) - $60

Nutrition Coaching (45 mins) with 7-day Meal Plan - $120

Check-In (30 mins) - $60



For allergies/ sensitivities, a new diagnosis or dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore).  You will receive a personalized 3-day meal plan with additional meal and snack ideas and general eating guide for your condition.

 Specialized Meal Plan - $60



A big haul of your fridge, pantry and cleaning closet to remove everything not serving your health.  You will receive alternative baking & condiment options with recipes, better brands to use in your cleaning closet and in your pantry and recipes for healthy kids. 

 Kitchen Clean Out – $160



Learn how to read labels, where to find foods which support your health, how to choose and store produce for lasting freshness and how to find budget friendly options in the grocery store.  Guides can be tailored to dietary preference whether you are vegan, a carnivore or somewhere in between.

 Grocery Store Mastery - $60



IgG Test Basic + Naturopathic Initial Assessment (30 mins) with dietary goal setting (incl finger prick) +  Nutritional Coaching (30-45 mins) with 3-day Meal Plan - $425


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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "I have to give a huge shoutout to the ladies in the front for their help today, and of course to Dr. Brix. Today they just went above and beyond and that customer care needs to be recognized. I will continue to recommend this team to everyone. Thank you all!"
    Stacey Y. Kelowna, BC
  • "I have had a few appointments with Dr Keira Fika and she has been great. I have had chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and head for years and never seem to be able to get rid of it. I have tried every kind of treatment under the sun with little success. In my first few visits I noticed right away Dr Fika was very attentive and really took her time talking to me and testing my body. It is still early but I already am starting to feel better. I highly recommend Dr Fika if you are looking for a chiropractor. She has made a huge difference for my health in just a few visits."
    Kyle L. Kelowna, BC
  • "Dr. Stenger has been a life changer in supporting my health for over a year. When I started having knee pains, I was referred to her for orthodics. She got into some comfy orthodics as well as an overall assessment to look further into my spinal health. She educated me about proper pelvis movement and suggested some great stretches to reduce my knee and lower back pain. With monthly regular visits now I am feeling great and so very happy to have someone like Dr. Stenger dedicated and supportive of my health. Thank you as well as the whole team at Brix who are so awesome and friendly!"
    Adam B. Kelowna, BC
  • "So grateful for Dr. Brix and his amazing staff. Friendly, knowledgeable and considerate. They have treated me through 2 car accidents and continue to help with the maintenance needed to keep me pain free!"
    Kris R. Kelowna, BC
  • "Brix is such an excellent wellness centre! From the front desk staff to the health care professionals I know I will also be on the right track for my health and wellness needs."
    Sean M. Kelowna, BC

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